7 Prepper Tricks Rick Grimes Wishes He Had Done Before The Outbreak


Former Sheriff Rick Grimes awoke in the hospital, alone, with a bullet wound in his side. As the protagonist of The Walking Dead made his way to discover that the world had ended, he likely started to think about his family. 

Then, he started to wish he had prepared for prepper tricks before the outbreak.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When people start to prep, they usually make several mistakes. Sometimes, people get caught up in the idea and simply rush into it. 

Sometimes, people get caught up in the idea and simply rush into it. This means over-buying at bulk stores and ending up with items no one really wants.

It could also mean jumping to conclusions or doing things that actually cause harm.

Prepper Tricks: Live Within Your Means

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

First things first, it’s important to live within your means before SHTF. Obviously, Rick Grimes is no longer worrying about past debts, but he should have started storing supplies on a regular basis and storing them somewhere safe. Being too extreme could mean running out of money, which means also being unprepared.

The movie Take Shelter highlights what can happen when you spend too much money too fast on prepper tricks. Therefore, sit down with your current budget and make room for necessary items. There are other ways to lower bills and prep for the future, such as buying solar panels to produce partial electricity.

All in all, make sure not to blow all of your prepper funds in the first month. Unless there is an immediate zombie attack, it’s possible you could last the incident until help arrives. It’s tempting to store water in old milk jugs, but…

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