Jim Parsons Revealed His Mother and Sister’s Unique Work Situation


Jim Parsons just wrote a touching tribute to both his mother and sister, revealing that the pair has had a unique work situation for over 19 years now. Here’s what the actor had to say to his Texan family.

We know Jim Parsons as the highest paid actor on television. That fun fact makes it hard to remember that Jim has pretty humble beginnings. He was raised in Houston Texas, where his mother has been a teacher for 41 years. While Jim has been out conquering the Hollywood world, his family has stayed behind, living a relatively normal life.

Jim posted a sweet photo of his mother and sister saying, “Congrats to my mom and sister, two of the hardest working, most devoted teachers one could ever know.” It may be totally normal for a mother and daughter to share a profession, but this dynamic duo apparently also shared a classroom. Jim went on to say, “Today they cleaned the final files and books out of the first-grade classroom they have shared for 11 years as they both retire from the teaching field.”

Can you imagine spending the whole day with your mother, and presumably over 20 1st graders? What a unique and sweet story of a mother and daughter working together in close quarters. These two must get along very well, and share a passion for education.

Jim Parsons Is Impressed

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Jim clearly thinks the world of his mother and sister, saying, “They touched literally thousands and thousands of young minds and the hearts of those children’s families, and even though they won’t be in the classroom anymore, the work they did lives on in all those people.”

What an adorable tribute to his mother.

Jim Parsons has clearly not let success go to his head. He still appreciates the hard work his family members put into their work. Congrats to Jim Parsons’ mother and sister on their retirement!

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