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A few months ago, the legendary actor, John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, sped through the latest developments on The Walking Dead!

AMC aired their own two-hour retrospective called, The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far. It was a great way to refresh everyone’s memory on the events that lead up to season seven. But nothing compares to this amazing recap video from the UK’s Now TV. 

Have you seen it? Do you know John Cleese’s Walking Dead rules?

A Tongue-In-Cheek Recap of The Walking Dead

John Cleese provides a few The Walking Dead “rules.”

Lesson 1: Zombies Are Not Called Zombies

This is very true. You can call them “Biters,” “Cold Bodies,” “Creepers,” “Dead Ones,” “Floaters,” “Geeks,” “Lamebrains,” “Lurkers,” “Monsters,” “Roamers,” “Rotters,” “Skin Eaters,” or “Walkers,” but never “Zombies.”

Producers have said The Walking Dead takes place in a world where George A. Romero never made Night of the Living Dead. As a result, the term “zombies” never made it into the public lexicon.

Lesson 2: There Are No Safe Places

If Rick Grimes ever wrote a book on how to survive a zombie walker apocalypse, There Are No Safe Places could easily be the title. Let’s make a list, shall we?

  • The camp
  • Hershel’s farm
  • Woodbury
  • The prison
  • Terminus
  • And now… Alexandria? Everything was looking so bright until Negan showed up.

The mad-cap comedian still has a few more The Walking Dead “rules” for us to follow. What to guess before you look? (If you watched the video, do you remember what they are?)

Lesson 3: Never Look At The Flowers

You cut us deep with this one, John Cleese. How could anyone forget episode 4×14, GThe Grove?”

It was the controversial and painful episode where Carol is forced to kill young Lizzie Samuels after her mental breakdown. The less said about this one, the better.

Lesson 4: Stop Forgetting Lesson 2

Yep, even the idyllic bliss of Alexandria was bound to be broken eventually. Even before Negan and the Saviors came along, there was the walker horde to deal with. And now we have Negan himself and his brutal crew.

The fight against the Saviors is sure to last all season long — at least.

John Cleese: A Legendary Comedian

John Cleese is a legendary performer. The 76-year-old comedian essentially reinvented himself every decade, never leaving the public eye.

In the late 1960s, Cleese formed the comedy troupe Monty Python along with Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, and Michael Palin. They starred in the sketch comedy show Monty Python’s Flying Circus, from 1969-1974. Eventually, the group made four films together: And Now for Something Completely Different, Monty Python and Holy Grail, Life of Brian, and The Meaning of Life.

Cleese moved on to create the famous British sitcom, Fawlty Towers, along with his wife, Connie Booth. The show only ran for two seasons (one in 1975 and another in 1979), but Cleese is still well-remembered for his role as Basil Fawlty.

In 1988, Cleese wrote and starred in the hit film, A Fish Called Wanda. Fellow Monty Python member, Michael Palin co-starred along with Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline. Cleese was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

In recent years, Cleese appeared as Q in the last two James Bond films with Pierce Brosnan. He had short appearances as “Nearly-Headless Nick” in several Harry Potter films, and has had voice roles in numerous animated films, including the last three Shrek movies.

But his take on The Walking Dead, may just be my favorite of all.

Did you like John Cleese’s summary of the show?

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