The 7 Major Secrets Uncovered In Latest Episode Of The Walking Dead


The latest episode of The Walking Dead, “Still Gotta Mean Something,” is the highest rated episode of the most recent season. In the episode, “A Heaps prisoner makes a discovery. Carol searches for someone in the nearby forest. Rick and Morgan find themselves in the company of strangers.”

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There are a still a few secrets we don’t know, such as who Negan picked up or what was in Carl’s letter, but the show did confirm a lot of answers. For example, we learned the truth about how Jadis survived, where Henry was hiding, the truth of Morgan’s sanity, Jadis’ helicopter, Negan’s backstory, and Rick’s major lie.

Hopefully, every other mystery will be solved in the next two episodes. But for now, let’s break down all of the new truths in the latest The Walking Dead episode, “Still Gotta Mean Something.”

Jadis Faked Her Death On The Walking Dead

There are a lot of cliffhangers on The Walking Dead, but one particularly odd event involved Jadis surviving the Savior attack. When Rick and Michonne showed up at the junkyard, it didn’t’ make much sense as to why Jadis was still alive. At the time, we thought Simon chose to leave her as the lone survivor.

Now, the show made it clear that Jadis made it because she’s wise beyond her years. She ran away from the gunfire and found a spot to hide. She hid a dead body and covered herself in blood. This way, when they came around the corner, they could confirm there was one body and move on.

If that’s not badass enough, she also kept her eyes open throughout the investigation. This way, it really looked like she had been killed. With her eyes open, she could also use her peripheral to see who was standing over her. Luckily, the investigating Savior moved on rather quickly.

She also told Negan how he destroyed her. As actress Pollyanna McIntosh said on Talking Dead, “She had created this character and this community and she had purpose and by [Negan] killing everyone she’s ever loved, her purpose is gone. Her identity is gone.”

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