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AMC Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple has promised a “profoundly different world” for Season 9 of The Walking Dead. Since the network moved Gimple up to oversee both zombie dramas, screenwriter Angela Kang has been put into the hot seat of showrunner. Together, they’ve got big plans for the series.

At the end of Season 8 of The Walking Dead, we were left with a series of cliffhangers. The two major unknowns are how Maggie will possibly defy Rick Grimes and then whether or not the Whisperers are within the horde of walkers that are heading towards the Safe Zone.

Either way, fans have several expectations for Season 9 of The Walking Dead. For now, a lot of these revolve around Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Maggie Rhee.

1) Maggie Betrays Rick Season 9 of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Lauren Cohan has finally confirmed that she will return for Season 9 of The Walking Dead but fans are now wondering if she’s good or bad. In the final moments of the Season 8 finale, Cohan’s character Maggie seemed to be organizing an uprising to take down Rick Grimes for not killing Negan.

It would make more sense, however, for Maggie and Jesus to simply figure out a way to kill Negan without bringing attention to themselves. But, based on her conversation, she seemed to be somewhat rounding up the troops to build a stronger army. This makes us worried she has intentions for a Civil War.

“No, he can’t,” said Maggie about Siddiq saving Negan. “No, he killed Glenn,” she said again as Michonne held her from charging the dying man. “We have to end it. Rick. We have to make it right,” she screamed. During the heartbreaking scene, it was actually the beginning of a potential civil war on the series.

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