We TBBT fans know Laurie Metcalf as Mary Cooper, the eccentric and hard headed mother of Sheldon Cooper. However, before she graced the CBS stage, Laurie played Jackie on the iconic series Roseanne.

She confirmed to Jimmy Fallon that she’ll be participating in the reboot series- but will fellow TBBT star Johnny Galecki?

The Roseanne Reboot

Laurie Metcalf, the actress be hind Mary Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon and discussed the highly anticipated Roseanne reunion. Laurie played Jackie on the series, which was much beloved by fans for many years.

Jackie is the younger sister of Roseanne. She is brash and annoying at times, but she deeply loves her nieces and nephews and cherishes her family.

Many fans want to know- will Johnny Galecki be appearing in the series? Johnny played David Healy- the love interest of Darlene. He also moves in with the family at one point, and is considered one of them.

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We think Johnny Galecki might be participating in the reunion. We know that contracts were complicated- since the reboot will appear on ABC, and Johnny is signed on for two more seasons of TBBT on CBS. However, Laurie told Jimmy Fallon, “Everyone is on board!” leaving us to believe that Galecki is included in her statement.

New Cast Members

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Laurie also hinted there will be new cast members added to the series. She said, “Everyone is on board, there will be new people- because we had children! Roseanne and I both had tiny tots twenty years ago, so there will be new characters.”

Laurie also gave insight as to how the idea for the series reboot came about. John Goodman did a parody on the infamous couch on The Talk with Sarah Gilbert. “It went over really well, and then John was asked on the show would you ever do a reunion, and he said yes right off the bat.” She added, “It was meant to be.”

Will you be watching Laurie Metcalf and Johnny Galecki in the Roseanne Reunion?

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