Missy Robertson Tells A&E She Doesn’t Want THIS In The Last Season… Fans Go Crazy


Duck Dynasty has pretty much been all smooth and awesome sailing. So what does Missy Robertson have a problem with? What’s the one thing she would rather not see in the last season?

Missy Robertson hopes that now Duck Dynasty is ending, her one wish about Jase will come true (source: The Political Cult)

The problem is that, what she doesn’t want to see, is in the DNA of Duck Dynasty. If the producers listen to her and grant her wish, fans might actually riot in the streets. Or at least there might be an uproar.

Or maybe they should listen to her in order to spike the show’s ratings and viewership…

Whatever the case, she’s very clear about her preferences. In US Weekly’s Newly Wed Game, Jase and Missy see how close they actually are. And that’s when Missy states her concern.

They were both supposed to answer whether they preferred clean-shaven faces or beards…

Jase Robertson and his wife, Missy, of the TV show “Duck Dynasty” disagree when it comes to “clean shaven or beards?” (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Jase and Missy had completely opposite answers.

Duck Dynasty
Jase Robertson almost completely clean-shaven with his family on the beach (source: Starcasm.net)

When they showed their answers, Jase said, “I knew she was gonna put that.” He had written “Beard = Beast.”

Missy had written “Clean shaven.” She prefers a naked face.

Jase hasn’t shaved in five years. It used to be that the Robertson men would shave after duck hunting season. But the producers of the show loved the bearded look, so they put it in the contract that they had to keep the beards all year.

So now that Duck Dynasty is ending, will Missy get her way? Now that the producers will no longer have power over the men, will they shave it all off?

Missy can only hope so…

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