Duck Dynasty isn’t over. You know why? Because it lives on in our hearts. And it will continue to affect our lives as well as the Robertsons’ lives.

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As the last episode and clips of the show aired in early April, the cast went online to share memories, give thanks, and say goodbye. 

Here’s what they said…

Sadie, who may be getting her own reality TV show, was pumped for the last episode, which aired March 29.

“HEY YOU!!! Did you know the FINALE OF [Duck Dynasty] IS ON !!!!!! AHHHHH,” Sadie Robertson wrote on Instagram. “This is insane.”

She then went on to thank everyone for the love and support.

“I’m so thankful for everything the show has done for me and my family,” she continued. “LOVE YOU ALL. Thanks for making a show with a prayer at the end of it the most watched reality TV show on cable.”

Sadie’s mom, Korie, posted a pic on Twitter that showed us what the Robertsons were doing March 29 — watching the finale together as a family.

Just the way you’d expect them to.

Korie’s husband, Willie, who’s the CEO of Duck Commander, tweeted out his excitement for that last ever episode. And he encouraged others to watch along!

And, in classic Duck Dynasty fashion, he had to tease Uncle Si a little. 

Of course, he did this out of love…

Willie’s dad, Phil, even posted on social media. He’s famous among Duck Dynasty fans for being anti-technology, but this was a special occasion. 

He thanked everyone for loving, accepting, and cheering on his family from the time the show began in 2012. But of course, just because the show is ending, doesn’t mean the faith, family, and duck hunting will be…

Did you catch the final episode of Duck Dynasty? Thank you for welcoming us into your home for so many years. Here’s to many more years of faith, family and ducks. – Phil

Posted by Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander” on Friday, March 31, 2017

A&E, the network that once kicked Phil off the show, got into the fun as well.

They posted a video on Twitter that was both touching and hilarious. Narrated by Willie, the video is a nice homage to the show’s legacy…

Jase Robertson, who is not great with technology like his father, tweeted some nice words after the episode aired…

1Farewell, Duck Dynasty. Hello, the new Robertsons. Where will we see them show up next?

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