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Since reports that a Sheldon spinoff series is being eyed at CBS were released, The Big Bang Theory fans like us can’t keep waiting for the network to announce more details about the project.

Based on early information, the show will be in a single-camera sitcom format and will focus on Sheldon’s years growing in Texas, and probably his teen years at the University.

And while the show is still in the development stage, it’s nice to suggest, in a manner of speaking, to CBS and Warner Bros Studios some scenes that are important for us fans to appear in Sheldon.

I tried to fit as many moments or scenes I can in this article, but I want to explain why these will be interesting.

Here are some of my pick for moments or scenes (in no particular order) that should appear in the Sheldon spinoff series:

1. Wil Wheaton Wesley Crusher Signing

Wil, Sheldon and Amy during Fun With Flags taping. Source: wilwheaton.netWil, Sheldon and Amy during Fun With Flags taping. Source:

The first episode we see Wil Wheaton in The Big Bang Theory was int the episode “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary.”

Sheldon joined Stuart’s comic book store’s Mystic Warlords of Ka’a tournament to confront him for not showing at the 1995 Dixie Trek convention in Jackson, Mississippi when Sheldon was 15 years old.

It’s important that we see this because Sheldon related so much to Wheaton’s character in the Star Trek: Next Generation series who also has an eidetic memory.

2. The Moment Sheldon Started Knocking Thrice

Sheldon tells Penny why he knocks three times. Source: CBSSheldon tells Penny why he knocks three times. Source: CBS

This was discussed in the episode “The Hot Tub Contamination” of the current season.

It would be interesting to find out how Sheldon started to knock three times.

Did they really never spoke about it? How did he came up with that knock? Did he try to devise other ways to give time “for people to get their pants on?”

3. His Imaginary Colleagues

Sheldon and Missy relationship should be seen in the Sheldon spinoff series.Sheldon and Missy. Source: The Big Bang Theory Wikia

When Leonard asked Missy why she won’t bring Sheldon, she said the he doesn’t like company. “Even as a little boy he’d send his imaginary friends home at the end of the day,” she added.

Sheldon answered that they were not imaginary friends, but imaginary colleagues.

It would be nice seeing a young Sheldon conceptualize with his imaginary colleagues.

Did his “colleagues” have names? Are they based on real people? Are they projections of real people? Did they only talk about intellectual stuff?

These “colleagues” can be a good recurring element throughout the series’ run like what they did to Professor Proton.

4. His First Memory of Spock

Sheldon dressed as Spock during Renaissance Fair. Source: CBS via Sydney Morning HeraldSheldon dressed as Spock during Renaissance Fair. Source: CBS via Sydney Morning Herald

This was recalled by Sheldon in the episode “The Spock Resonance” when Adam Nimoy asked him about it.

He said that he first saw Spock in “The Galileo Seven” episode. He then said that his brother came in and sat on his head while he told him to “eat farts.”

This is a very important aspect for the Sheldon spinoff series since Spock is a big influence in Sheldon’s life. He said that Spock’s world is logical and rational.

Considering that the episode originally aired in 1967, it’s hard to tell when exactly did he watch it.

Did he relate to Spock or just emulated him when he first saw him? It will be interesting to know that.

5. When His Mother “Had Him Tested”

Sheldon: "My mother had me tested." Source: sheldonquotes.tumblr.comSheldon: “My mother had me tested.” Source:

This is Sheldon’s go-to when he’s asked “are you insane/crazy/out of your mind?” by anyone – either seriously or rhetorically.

What I want to find out is what Sheldon did specifically that led to this event.

Did tables turn during the diagnosis like when Leonard tried to help Sheldon during “The Pants Alternative” episode? It would be pretty hilarious.

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