Dozens Of Fans Noticed 2 Things About The Young Sheldon Premiere


Young Sheldon Very Different Than TBBT

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS
Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

Many fans were expecting for Young Sheldon to be a true spinoff of The Big Bang Theory. Like Friends had Joey or Everybody Loves Raymond had King of Queens, they thought a sitcom would bring a sitcom.

Young Sheldon is something different altogether. Rather than a multi-cam live audience series, the prequel is more a single-cam dramedy. The series is actually a little like The Wonder Years or A Christmas Story.

Jim Parsons as the narrator holds the prequel to its sibling series. There are also several references between the two.

Looking Back: The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years | Photo Credit Mental Floss
The Wonder Years | Photo Credit Mental Floss

The setting is even a bit like The Wonder Years.The 1988 series about Kevin Arnold took place in the 1960s and 1970s. Young Sheldon takes place in the late 1980s when the nine-year-old boy was in high school. Both also have similar family dynamics.

On The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s father has passed away. On Young Sheldon, he’s still alive and coaches the football team. Another similar dynamic exists with the brother (like Wayne / Butthead), the distant sister, and the loving mother.

These family tales also take place in A Christmas Story.

Looking Back: A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story | Photo Credit TBS
A Christmas Story | Photo Credit TBS

In the 1983-comedy A Christmas Story, a boy named Ralphie in the 1940s just wants one thing for Christmas, which is a bb-gun. Similarly, young Sheldon Cooper only wants one thing and which is to spend time learning.

Both series and the movie rely on family dynamics for their comedy. Viewers watch the show and see themselves. This also works for series like Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and The Office.

It’s unclear where Young Sheldon will go next, but fans are enjoying the little jabs and references on the show. We see Professor Proton in the first episode and there’s a joke about Radio Shack always being in business.

As the series becomes it’s own, it will likely grow and take shape in a new direction.

What did you enjoy the most about watching Young Sheldon premiere?