The premiere of the Young Sheldon trailer excited many fans, who have been waiting to see a glimpse into Sheldon Cooper’s childhood for quite some time. However, fans also realized there’s a major plot hole between the new Sheldon spin-off series and the original The Big Bang Theory.

Image result for young sheldon lance barberphoto by Lance Barber will be playing the father of Young Sheldon, alongside his onscreen mother Zoe Perry. Lance grew up in Michigan and began acting in High School. He hasn’t had much success in Hollywood, only appearing in The Comeback on television. That is, he hasn’t had much success until now. With Young Sheldon being such a highly anticipated spin-off, Lance is sure to acquire a whole new set of fans. Image result for the speckerman recurrencephoto by

There’s still one problem though- True TBBT fans will already recognize Sheldon’s father as Jimmy Speckerman, the high school bully of Leonard Hofstadter. In The Speckerman Recurrence, Jimmy Speckerman contacts Leonard and meets him at a bar many years after their school days. He is apparently completely oblivious to the fact that he terrorized Leonard in high school, and proposes an idea for 3D glasses.

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The episode mainly revolves around Penny, who realizes that she may have been a bully in high school without knowing it. She sees the way Leonard was treated, and how oblivious Jimmy is and feels deep remorse.

Why This Is Such A Problem

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This is a total problem when it comes to plot continuity. Yes, there’s only one episode where Lance Barber appears in 

Yes, there’s only one episode where Lance Barber appears. However, in the future, if a fan were to watch Young Sheldon before TBBT they would immediately realize that Sheldon met Lance and didn’t even notice the uncanny resemblance to his father. 

In the end, it might not be a big deal, but we’re sure some of the nerds and geeks that love this show are bound to be bothered by the obvious plot hole.

On the other hand, Lance Barber must be a totally awesome guy if he left such a great impression on Chuck Lorre and Jim Parsons after just one episode guest spot.

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