What Has The Gang So Depressed On Big Bang?


Big Bang Gang Depressed About Physics

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

On the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory, nearly everyone seems depressed. First, Leonard reveals something in an interview that nearly gets him fired. Perhaps even more surprisingly, Sheldon reveals he believes that Leonard is right.

Leonard’s realization on public radio is that “Physics is dead.” While he’s supposed to be raising money for the school, he instead makes note of their many failures. They essentially haven’t discovered anything new in years.

Eventually, Sheldon confirms that Leonard is correct. This leads to the duo drinking in Sheldon and Amy’s place.

Soaking Sorrows, Ramulan Style

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

When Penny finds out that the duo is drinking together, she joins in, but tries to cheer them up. They soak their sorrows with some blue vodka (Ramulan ale) from a Comic Con event and Penny decides to call for back up.

However, when Raj and Howard arrive, they do more harm than good. Raj calls the duo “two whiney babies,” which reminds Howard of his future. He quickly dives onto the couch with the depressed duo.

Then, while trying to cheer up Howard, Raj reminds himself he’s still alone.

Getting Cheered Up In A Graveyard

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the end, all four of the heroes are lying on the couch, drinking “mouthwash.” Raj is upset to be living alone. Howard isn’t ready for two babies. And, the whole group is second-guessing Physics as a career.

Penny then suggests for the gang to go for a run. None of the Big Bang crew is up for this, so Howard suggests they go see Richard Feynman instead. Ironically, he’s no longer with us, so that means a trip to the graveyard.

Feynman is known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, but everyone has their opinion of his coolness. Leonard used to listen to his speeches on headphones as if it were a rock concert. “Jam out to knowledge,” he said.

“This guy knew how to live,” confirmed Howard. “He taught himself musical instruments. Studied Portuguese just to give his speeches in Brazil.” In the end, however, Leonard realized, “Physics is only dead when we stop being excited about it.”

Do you think the Big Bang gang is going to be more cheerful in the next episode?