Go Behind The Scenes With Jim Parsons In THIS New Celebrity Holiday Special Your Family Will Love


After you get tired of those Halmark Channel or Freeform (ABC Family) Christmas marathons, many will turn back to Netflix for the hits. This December, Jim Parsons’ Home sequel, Home: For The Holidays will hit the streaming network.

Home Sequel | Photo Credit Dreamworks

On December 1, 2017, the straight-to-streaming sequel will return with the voice talents of Jim Parsons and Rihanna. In addition to the return of these two actors, the series will also animate singer Kelly Clarkson and Ben Schwartz (Parks and Rec).

In addition to this Home holiday special, Netflix will also have a Trolls Holiday.

Jim Parsons Celebrates Christmas In Home

Home Sequel | Photo Credit Dreamworks

ET Online writes, “Home for the Holidays comes on the tail of the third season of Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh, with humans and aliens now living in peace and harmony.”

For this new series, it’s Christmas time in Chicago and Tip is ready to introduce her friend Oh to all of the holiday traditions. Quickly, Oh realizes that his people do not get to enjoy these experiences so he wants to take those traditions back home.

During his inaccurate description of Christmas, things seriously backfire!

Behind-the-Scenes With Home Movie

During the first movie, Jim Parsons voiced the main character, alongside Rihanna, Steve Martin, and Jennifer Lopez. Fans of the first series will love the new animated series as well as the Christmas special.

Fans of Jim Parsons can also find their favorite actor on the set of The Big Bang Theory. More than likely, we’re going to see lots more of Sheldon Cooper as he gets ready for Christmas both in a new episode and previous episodes.

One of our favorite episodes revolves around Sheldon Cooper preparing to buy gifts for his friend, Penny. At the store, Sheldon makes Raj and Howard carry bag seven different gift baskets to give to Penny.

His goal is to hide these gifts and then give Penny the one gift that matches the cost of her gift for him. But, when she gives him the greatest gift of all (an autographed napkin with Leonard Nimoy’s DNA), he gives her all of the baskets.

What is your favorite Big Bang Theory Christmas episode?