Star Wars vs Star Trek? Our Winner is?

The guys are in a euphoria after seeing Star Wars The Force Awakens by
The guys are in a euphoria after seeing Star Wars The Force Awakens by

The Big Bang Theory features characters all nerds can relate to.  They like comic books, video games, nerdy memorabilia, but most of all, Star Wars and Star Trek.  The two franchises have branded themselves in such a way that when you say ‘nerd’ both series’ pop into your mind.  And both are frequently referenced throughout The Big Bang Theory.  

Star Wars

Raj presents Howard with his lightsaber belt buckle by

Star Wars is a science fiction series created by George Lucas which first appeared in 1977.  It has one of the best opening night records in all of history.  Hundreds of books, video games, toys, and television series are based upon it.  Including The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

One of Howard’s favorite past times is comparing his friends to characters in the movie.  Sheldon is not only compared to C3PO but he dresses as “Raggedy C3PO” later for Halloween.

As for objects, we see Sheldon building a LEGO Death Star, a lightsaber belt buckle, bounty hunter poster, Stormtrooper figures, and lightsabers over Howard’s bed. 

Carrie Fisher makes a guest star appearance, appearing outside her home with a baseball bat.  Sheldon also dreams of Professor Proton giving him advice as a Jedi.

Star Trek

Sheldon makes the Vulcan greeting from Star Trek

The Star Trek series has a successful history as well.  It began in the 1960’s with a television show. Today it has 5 shows, 12 movies, comics, countless books, games, and toys. 

The show holds a unique position on The Big Bang Theory, Spock being one of Sheldon’s heroes.  Rather than having references in passing, we see the characters speak of the series more directly. The guys dress as Star Trek Characters for a convention.  We also see Sheldon dressing as Spock.  Leonard has a hoard of Starfleet Academy uniforms in his closet, and the guys all own costumes.

There are several instances of Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Sheldon speaking Klingon.  For those who are not familiar, this is one of many alien languages in the Star Trek universe.  Throughout the show, our characters, mostly Sheldon, forms the Vulcan greeting with their hands. 

Just as Professor Proton gave Sheldon advice as a Jedi, so too, does Spock.  The action figure Spock comes to Sheldon in his dreams and gives advice in the voice of Leonard Nimoy. Wil Wheaton from the Star Trek: Next Generation series is a recurring character throughout The Big Bang Theory series.


Overall, Star Trek appears throughout The Big Bang Theory more often than Star Wars.  Though we see more physical examples of Star Wars, Star Trek appears way more often show to show.

Are you Star Wars or Star Trek?