Spoilers: Episode 4 of Big Bang Theory the Cohabitation Experimentation

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-03

You guys probably made the same assumption I did. Episode four of the tenth season of the Big Bang Theory will probably focus on Sheldon and Amy. Why? Because Amy wants Sheldon to move in with her! Especially now that Leonard and Sheldon are married. So, here is your final warning. This article will contain spoilers! So, read at your own risk!

After Amy’s Apartment is flooded, she suggests to Sheldon that they live together as an experiment and he surprisingly agrees. Howard and Bernadette wonder about wanting to know the gender of their baby. Raj knows. Ha. That in itself is funny. Raj will probably drive them crazy with it.

Amy says that there is a problem with her apartment’s plumbing. Penny asks if she lost anything valuable and Amy says only her clothes. Leonard asks something really technical about the pipes and the girls look at him, he makes a joke about having his head stuck in the toilet enough. Leonard and Penny offer her Leonard’s bedroom at Apartment 4A.

They approach Sheldon. He is for it as an experiment as long as it is on neutral ground, so they agree to stay in Apartment 4B. During the discussion there’s a funny Star Trek joke and Sheldon comments about Amy’s sexy talk (or similar when she talks science). Cute.
Amy thinks they should talk about sharing a bed. Sheldon agrees and she goes straight in to saying that coitus should be off the table and they’ll reevaluate later on. First Sheldon makes a comment about her skipping the foreplay there and jumping right in and then he asks if she’s ok with that and she says it’s the first time she’s lived with someone. She asks him how he feels somewhere in the middle of this scene and he says excited, nervous, anxious the same way he feels before he goes on Space Mountain.

I’m not going to give the whole episode away, of course. But I will say this. There is a funny part where Sheldon asks Penny about living with someone. This, in turn, causes Penny to ask Leonard what it was like to live with Sheldon. His response is no flash photography. Since, Sheldon is easily scared. That line is hysterical. Oh, and there are a lot of laugh out loud parts in this episode. Prepare to laugh, hard. I’m totally serious, guys. This is going to be a great episode.

Sheldon and Leonard
Sheldon and Leonard

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I know I didn’t mean anything about the Bernadette/Howard/Raj plot, but like I said I don’t want to spoil the whole episode. But talks of the baby’s gender does come up. In fact, Raj is the only one who gets a peek at the result.

What do you think the baby’s gender will be? Do you want them to have a boy or girl? Do you think Amy and Sheldon will like living together? Will Raj be a good uncle? Will Cinnamon like the baby? What do you want to see happen this season? Sound off in the comments below.

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