5 Reasons We Know Amy And Sheldon Are Going To Get Married…


Are You the One?

Sheldon and Amy have been dating for a long time. The two love birds do not show much PDA or lovey-dovey comments. But love is shown in the little things. Here are the five things that Sheldon does that shows Amy is “the one”.

 In Sickness and in Health

Sheldon hates germs. Even though the Relationship Agreement states they must aid one another when sick, Sheldon believes it is only for him. But, to everyone’s shock, he returns and takes care of Amy at the risk of giving himself the flu.

Sheldon and Amy
Sheldon Cooper rubs ointment on Amy’s chest and sings her Soft Kitty while she is sick by nbcnews.com

Enter Sheldon’s Secret Bedroom

No one has ever been allowed in Sheldon’s bedroom before. And, though they may not sleep together for awhile, Amy is still the only one allowed that privilege.

Sheldon and Amy
Amy has access to a place no one has been admitted to before: Sheldon’s bedroom by bigbangtheory.wikia.com

Hand Holding

The germophobe Sheldon does not typically like human contact. And, even though he complains about it, he still allows Amy to hold his hand on occasion.

Sheldon and Amy
Sheldon subconsciously takes Amy’s hand as they sit in Apartment 4A by bigbangtheory.wikia.com

Emergency Contact

Yes, Sheldon makes Amy his emergency contact. Though this is not big deal to us, it was his way of telling her that he trusts her and wants no one else by his side in the event of an accident. Sheldon and Amy show us that there is no truer love than that shown by being one another’s emergency contacts.

Sheldon and Amy
Sheldon and Amy on Valentine’s Day when Sheldon makes Amy his emergency contact by youtube.com.

No Bathroom Schedule!

It is well-known that Leonard and Sheldon had a bathroom schedule while living together. Amy puts her foot down on this when she and Sheldon are moving in with one another. Sheldon and Amy have conquered what Leonard and Penny could not: the toilet.

Sheldon and Amy
Amy protests some of Sheldon’s stringent rules about living together by cartermatt.com.

When did you know that your lover was “The One?”