There are 6 basic truths about duck hunting (and hunting in general) that every hunter knows.

Huntingphoto via Wide Open Spaces You’re clearly a hunter, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. So check out these six things you probably already know.

Duck hunting is more than just shooting

photo via Huntworth

For a lot of people, it’s all about the adrenaline rush of pulling that trigger. But safety and smarts come first — keep the safety on and your mouth shut.

Dogs rule

HuntingA hunter and his trusty dog (photo via Double P Ranch)

As we’ve seen before, we may not be allowed to use dogs in duck hunting for much longer, but they are a crucial part of a successful hunting outing.

Duck calls are useless if not used properly

Duck calls are also needed when duck hunting, but if you don’t know how to blow one, it’s just a piece of garbage on your belt.

Here’s Jep Robertson on the art of duck calling:

It’s gonna get messy

Duck hunting is muddy, cold, wet, and often uncomfortable. But it’s totally worth it when you shoot down those quacking fowl. Plus, gutting the birds gets bloody and involves a lot of guts.

Come with your gadgets

A hunter with his hunting belt (photo via Etsy)

Duck hunting is what they call a “gadget sport.” You can buy so many kinds of calls, guns, and tons of little pieces of equipment to help you beat the ducks at their game.

Hunting leads to storytelling

This is an essential part of duck hunting. After you’ve had a successful hunting trip, you want to share the story with your friends. And we should all celebrate each other’s victories, not try to one-up each other.

For example, here’s a story that I’m sure the Robertsons will be telling for years to come — Korie and Missy Robertson go hunting with their respective husbands, Willie and Jase Robertson.

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