Kaley Cuoco Talks About Staying Grounded In An Unreal Hollywood


It’s hard to imagine anyone “staying grounded” in Hollywood. Actress Kaley Cuoco makes about a million an episode and the paparazzi takes photos of her leaving hot yoga. But, in one-way or another, she tries to keep it real.

Kaley Cuoco tries to focus on a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a somewhat normal routine in an abnormal environment. In addition to personal fitness, she just partnered with Panera Bread to make sure nutritional information is more available for customers.

“When [nutritional information] is right in front of your face, there’s no excuse,” said the uber-fit Kaley Cuoco.

Actress Kaley Cuoco Keeps It Real

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

But, when she’s not in hot yoga, riding horses with fiancé Karl Cook, or climbing the endless stairs on set of The Big Bang Theory, she also believes in the occasional cheat day.

Cuoco loves to indulge in the occasional lemon scone. All in all, she wanted for fans to know that she’s just a normal person with good days and bad days. Some of this is hidden by the fame and glamour, but it’s there if you look for it.

“On Instagram, we only post our best moments,” she said to clarify the glamorous social media images.

“That’s Not How Life Is…”

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

Kaley Cuoco told AOL, “We post the glam, we put a filter on, but that’s not how life is.
It’s just not realistic. That’s why I like social media, for me, at least – I try to make it as real as possible. It’s not about the glitz and glam.”

For the actress, this could mean taking videos with her boyfriend when she’s not wearing makeup, showing photos of her covered in dirt with their horses, or just not caring about the paparazzi outside of her gym.

Almost every week, there are new photos of Kaley Cuoco leaving hot yoga in a tee shirt, sweat pants, and UGGs. All in all, it’s clear she doesn’t really care about those things, which makes her grounded in an unusual world.

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