Fan Video Combines Walking Dead With Guardians 2

The sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, starring Chris Pratt and Michael Rooker, started with a hilarious dance number. Essentially, Baby Groot was dancing around while the other Guardians were fighting enormous monsters, nearly crushing him every step of the way.

For the fan-made update, from YouTuber Addison, it puts a light spin on the harsh realities of the Season 7 Walking Dead finale. This starts a second after Rick Grimes thought Negan was about to kill Carl.

“You said I could do it,” said Negan, winding up Lucille.

Creator Makes Finale Look Like An Intro

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit YouTube

For this update, they also made this look like the intro to a longer film, rather than the end of a series. This was done by including the actor’s names when they arrived, such as Khary Payton, who plays King Ezekiel.

The full video is three and a half minutes. With Negan’s quotes, it really does seem more light-hearted. Again, Negan basically narrates the fight, unaware that Rick and company had so many supporters.

Negan screams about Shiva and the widow, which is Maggie.

How Movies Can Change A Scene

No Film School explains the different moods from watching different songs or scores within a soundtrack:

“Chances are you’re familiar enough with how music changes a scene, but one thing Connolly mentions that I found particularly interesting is the connection he makes to music’s psychological effects to those of editing, known as the Kuleshov Effect. Your scene can change its entire meaning simply by having different music.”

“That might seem a little obvious and unimpressive, but if you look at the base elements of film—the frame, the cut, the sound—the storytelling power of their assembly becomes pretty astonishing. Learning the many emotional correlations between different sounds and music, as well as the effects they have on the human brain, is something that all filmmakers should take the time to study at length.”

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yet?

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