The Big Bang Theory Talks Potential Ending

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The cast of The Big Bang Theory is back on set and they’re already getting sentimental about the potential ending of the show. Raj-actor Kunal Nayyar has even said the show will end sooner rather than later.

The cast has signed on for two more seasons but some say that Seasons 11 and 12 could be the final two seasons of the show. Actress Kaley Cuoco has recently revealed how she would like for the show to end.

The actress who plays Penny told CBS her ideas for a potential finale.

Shows That Overstay Their Welcome

Scrubs | Photo Credit ABC

“I didn’t think we’d get to this point,” said Kaley Cuoco in regards to Season 11 after a decade of TBBT. Above all else, while she loves being on the show, she doesn’t want for the show to overstay its welcome.

Some say this happened to Scrubs on ABC. The final season didn’t even have all of the major stars, and they eventually decided to make it as more of a follow-up than a ninth season of the sitcom.

The same is true for That 70s Show, which stayed on a season too long and ended with a cast of non-regulars.

Knowing When To Call It Quits

Seinfeld | Photo Credit NBC

Cuoco said, “I’d be happy to go as long as we can, but I would like to go out on a high note,” she explained. “I’d prefer to go out while we’re doing well.” Kunal Nayyar essentially had the same response in regards to the show.

Creator Chuck Lorre also confirmed, “We never really figured to be at year 11, let alone what’s going to happen after 12. One could easily presume that would be the end of the series but I’m just amazed we’re here,” he said.

Based on the ratings, it’s clear that the show is still doing very well, but it is best to end on a good note, like Seinfeld, Mad Men, or Breaking Bad.

Do you think the series will end after twelve seasons or keep it going?

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