Johnny Galecki Tricked His Fan Base on Instagram

Johnny Galecki as Leonard
Johnny Galecki as Leonard

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Today I have gained another reason to love Johnny Galecki. He has a wicked sense of humor! Galecki basically trolled his fan base on Instagram by posting a happy picture of him and a beautiful bride. Did Johnny secretly get married?

The Prank

The answer may surprise you. No. It’s just a photo of him with a longtime friend. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain the photo, but you can view it here:

The caption reads:
Sanctionedjohnnygalecki We finally did it! #notreallythough A deeply heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to @tylerwilliamparker and @flowergirllosangeles A beautiful day that won’t ever be forgotten.

However, it seems like some people just can’t take a joke. Some fans were not very pleased with his joke. Other fans were just down right confused as to whether or not the actor was dating another woman. Galecki is known for posting controversial but funny snaps on his social media account. For example, the infamous blurry kiss picture with girlfriend at the time, Ariella Nicole.

Speaking of Ariella Nicole, whom Johnny had first been spotted with back in January, she might already be put on the backburner. Though it is just a rumor and for another article.

But fans can rest assured that Johnny did not secretly get married. Though he may not be on the market. Hopefully, the fans that got upset will get over it and forgive Johnny soon. It’s all in good fun and Johnny thought it was funny. Honestly, I find it funny too. He’s a funny guy. But fans must remember that even though we love them, celebrities are allowed to have their own lives. And even though we love them, we do not really KNOW them. They can even get married in secret if they want to. HA!