Johnny Galecki’s Heartmelting Confession About Kaley Is Caught On Camera… “She’s My…”


Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco Are Perfect Together

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco secretly dated for two whole years while filming the first seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Fans were shocked when it wasn’t until after their split that the public heard about this onset romance. Props to them for keeping their love so private for so long.

Let’s be honest, these two really should be together. To prove it we found this throwback video of the pair interviewing one another. This was at the beginning of their success, and it’s crazy how far they’ve come. Note their stellar chemistry, and inability to stop smiling when talking to each other.

Here are some of the video highlights:

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Johnny starts off by asking Kaley to give one word to describe filming Season 4. Kaley answers “Woo!” making Johnny smile from ear to ear. He can’t help but make fun of her, reminding her that Woo is not a real word. She eventually lands on “Lots of fun,” and it’s clear these two really have been having the time of their life together.

What’s Your Process

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The question at hand is “what’s your process for each episode.” Johnny wanted Kaley to answer for him, but she can barely get a word out through her laughter. She flirtatiously pokes fun at Johnny’s serious approach, involving lots of highlighting lines and pacing. Apparently, Kaley will sometimes even point and laugh at Johnny while he is memorizing his lines. Clearly, these two love to tease, and it all feels a bit intimate.

She’s His Rock

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Kaley asked Johnny what his favorite part of working with her is. In order to avoid professing his undying love, Johnny answered, “You smell pretty great… you do smell nice.” He then admitted Kaley is his rock. He said, “You’re kind of the rock in many ways. When someone’s going off on their line, or when Kunal starts laughing at one of his own jokes…I know to look at you.” 

We can’t stand how sweet these two are together. Does anyone else secretly hope Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco get back together?


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