Sheldon Cooper’s Biggest Little-Known “Secret Inspiration” May Have Just Been Revealed…


“Tesla was a genius who invented our electrical grid. Edison just wanted to get rich and famous,” said Leonard. In the latest Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper and the gang want to be like Tesla, rather than Edison, Hawking, or even Professor Proton.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Throughout the latest episode, the boys find out they’re all more like Edison than Tesla. Essentially, they all work towards taking credit and pushing the others to the side.

In the end, Barry Kripke reveals his true intentions, proving him to be the real Edison of the group.

Sheldon Cooper, Guided By Professor Proton

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

As a kid, Sheldon Cooper was guided to his career by Professor Proton. As we’ve seen on Young Sheldon, everyone else his age was watching Duck Tales while Sheldon was learning about powering a radio with a potato.

Like the real-life Bill Bye the Science Guy, Professor Proton was there for Sheldon to inspire and shape his mind. The character’s love for science pushed Sheldon into Physics and away from other areas, like Music.

However, Sheldon’s personal ego made him believe that Physics is more important than anything else, which causes friendships to be awkward.

The Most Egotistical Scientist

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

As long as they’ve known one another, Sheldon has had little respect for Howard. Since Howard is an engineer, Sheldon believes he is less smart and less capable than those in his field.

This also screwed up a new friendship with Bert this season. After working on a project together, Sheldon Cooper revealed that he didn’t respect Geology, which caused their friendship to end.

The worst thing about Sheldon’s ego is that he also doesn’t truly respect Amy’s field either. This has caused problems in the past and there’s a possibility it will cause problems in the future.

Luckily for Sheldon, Amy appreciates his quirks. It’s hard to imagine anyone being attracted to someone with an ego like Sheldon’s, but so far, the couple is making it work and planning a wedding.

Do you think Sheldon Cooper is more like Edison or Tesla?