Everyone Tricks Sheldon Cooper In Newest TBBT


In “The Collaboration Contamination,” it appears that Sheldon Cooper friends are out to get him. Not only does he lady leave him for another man, but he’s also pushed aside and then forced to do Howard’s chores.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The episode begins with everyone eating at Leonard and Penny’s place. When Howard makes a suggestion to help out one of Amy’s projects, the episode takes a turn and both Sheldon and Raj become very jealous of this new relationship.

For the other members of the group, this means Sheldon and Raj are lost puppies.

Sheldon Cooper Needs A Ride

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

First, Sheldon tells Leonard that he will once again need a ride to work. After an annoying siren guessing game, Leonard makes the decision to never give Sheldon a ride again.

That night, Sheldon comes over once more as Amy still isn’t home. Luckily, Penny has been reading one of Bernadette’s parenting books and knows how to deal with Sheldon. She listens to his complaints and validates his concerns.

Later, she teaches Leonard how to read Sheldon and he ends up getting an Uber.

Getting Tricked By Sweet Bernadette

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Towards the end of the episode, Sheldon winds up at Bernadette’s place. Howard and Amy are both working on a Saturday, so he assumes he can find comfort in chatting with Bernadette.

In reality, however, Bernadette just wants to work. Since Raj wouldn’t help her, she uses Sheldon by playing a trick on him. Like Tom Sawyer’s painted fence, she tells Sheldon that Howard will be upset if he does all of her husband’s chores.

The always gullible Sheldon Cooper agreed to help out. Before long, Raj arrived and Sheldon learns that Howard does not actually like to clean. However, he’s already changed the smoke detector and done the laundry, so he goes ahead and cleans the oven while he’s got the gear out.

In the end, everyone seemed to get the best of Sheldon Cooper. But, when he and Raj decided to watch a movie, he accidentally bested Raj by spoiling a movie.

Do you think the others are treating Sheldon unfair in this episode?