10 Reasons To Love Mayim Bialik From The Bottom Of Your Heart


We absolutely love Mayim Bialik. Not only does she perfectly round out the cast of Big Bang Theory, she’s also an awesome mom, scientist, and political activist. Here are our top ten reasons for being Mayim’s biggest fans.

She Adds So Much To The Big Bang Theory

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These days, we’ve gotten so used to Amy Farrah Fowler that we often forget there were entire seasons without her. Amy is an integral part of TBBT, and we don’t think the show would be half as successful without her. 

Mayim Bialik joined the Big Bang Theory cast during the third season. At the time Sheldon was thought to be an asexual character on the show. He needed a female love interest to come in and shake things up a bit. Mayim’s portrayal of Amy has added so much to the show’s storyline and to Sheldon as a character. She constantly teaches him about empathy. Plus, Sheldon and Amy’s scenes are some of the most iconic and hysterical scenes on the show.

She Was Mentioned On The Show Before She Joined

It’s clear Mayim Bialik was meant to be on The Big Bang Theory. Before she was cast, or Amy was even written into the script, Mayim’s childhood character Blossom was mentioned on screen. The men are trying to create their own trivia show, and Raj brings up Blossom and Mayim’s Ph.D.

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