Sheldon Cooper Looks Forward To School

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

There are a lot of things that work in the premiere of Young Sheldon. Many fans are upset it’s not more like The Big Bang Theory, but it’s nice it can stand on its own. Either way, the nuances of Sheldon Cooper are always hilarious.

Some comical scenes in the premiere include Sheldon at the dinner table, Sheldon at his first day of high school, and a moment when he walks outside. Most kids dread the last day of summer, but Sheldon is not one of them.

Things to fear in the summer include lawnmowers, dogs, and bullies.

”If Only Life Were That Simple…

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

“Shelly, it’s your last day of summer. Go out and enjoy it,” said Sheldon’s mother in a Texas drawl. “But I have to learn the student handbook,” pleads the boy. Obviously he’s just looking for an excuse to stay inside.

“Look what a beautiful day it is,” said his mother. Unfortunately, all Sheldon sees is a bloodthirsty lawnmower, a speeding truck with no signs of stopping, a fierce barking Chihuahua, and then a bully.

Sheldon Cooper quickly pushes a tire swing once and said, “There, I played…”

Sheldon Too Smart For His Own Good

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

Later, we see how much Sheldon’s nuances can keep him in trouble. The teachers and the principal call the boy’s parents to the office. It seems that Sheldon is too smart for his own good and he knows it.

Not only does he point out all of the rule-breakers who can’t follow the dress code, but he also tells the teacher she has a mustache. The teachers quickly feel inferior to the boy who knows it all and has perfect pitch.

The principal believes they need to send the boy elsewhere but they can’t afford it. We also learn that Sheldon’s dad stood up for what’s right and got fired from a different job because of it.

In the end, everyone wants for Sheldon to just keep quiet and be smart in silence.

Do you think there’s any chance of Sheldon keeping to himself?

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