The 10th TBBT Season Finale

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It’s been a long road to ten seasons. Some TBBT fans feared that the finale episode of Season 10 would be the very last. However, recent news has given us reason to celebrate. We’ll be able to enjoy the TBBT Season Finale with the comfort that Season 11 and 12 are still to come.

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TBBT has been officially renewed. Negotiations came to a close after the entire cast reportedly offered to take a $100,000 pay cut to ensure Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik raises. Don’t worry- these actors are still making a LARGE amount of money.

TBBT Season 10 Finale Date Announced

On Monday CBS announced that the Season 10 Finale will air on Thursday, May 11th. That means we still have a month of more episodes to enjoy. It’s been hard waiting out these past two weeks without anything new. March Madness has gotten in the way of precious TBBT times.

What’s To Come

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We aren’t sure what will happen in the Season 10 finale. Now that producers and writers know this is not a definitive end they may change their plot lines around a bit. Perhaps, like in Season 3, we will be left with a huge cliff-hanger. 

Something involving Sheldon and Amy perhaps? It seems their relationship and cohabitation has been a large theme for Season 10.

As has Bernadette and Howard embracing motherhood, and Raj’s romantic life. Perhaps Raj will find a lady in the next few episodes. He’s definitely embracing a more independent lifestyle.

Other CBS Shows

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Other CBS finale dates were announced as well. Blue Bloods will end on May 5th. Kevin Can Wait and Superior Donuts will both close the following day. The last series to air their finale will be The Amazing Race on June 1st. 

Will you be tuning in for the TBBT Season 10 finale?


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