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0 Airs After the Dead every Sunday at 10 PM. The show features live Q&A with at least one cast member from Fear the Walking Dead. This Sunday will feature Lorenzo James Henrie. Lorenzo plays Chris Manawa, he’s been troubled since he and his father were recently isolated from the rest of the family. Episode 210: Do Not Disturb, will reintroduce Chris and his father Travis back into the show. This will be the first time we’ve seen the duo since the mid-season break of Fear the Walking Dead.

Last we saw the two, they stood face to face in a hostage situation after a long run through the desert. Chris decided to run off into the desert, Travis followed. He found his son in a man’s home where he found his son holding the man’s son hostage. Upon finally talking his son down and leaving the home, Chris pulled a knife on Travis. Travis was able to use his undying love for his troubled son to help him through the episode, while at the same time saving his own life.

Lorenzo James Henrie Joins After the Dead10 PM ET

Lorenzo stated, he plays his character in the same light as Shane Walsh from the original Walking Dead series. If you don’t remember, Shane Walsh was the unstable friend of Andrew Lincoln’s character, Rick Grimes. Both Shane and Chris are not well received by the rest of their respective groups, due to them easily adapting to life in the Walking Dead Universe. For whatever reason, the characters operating as outcast seem to survive the best in the post-apocalyptic, walker filled world.

Lorenzo James Henrie Joins After the Dead This Sunday, we’ll be able to finally learn more about Lorenzo James Henrie’s character Chris and his father Travis. The duo will likely have some sorting out to do in order to resolve the issues we last viewed them facing. After the show, we’ll be able to get a more in depth understanding of Chris directly from Lorenzo, who most likely knows better than anyone, how Chris perceives himself in the Walking Dead universe.

Fans can ask questions live on’s After the Dead by way of the comment section below the live screen. Being able to ask questions live to the cast of the show is a great way to clear up any speculations from the fans. Last week, Danay Garcia graced the live Q&A with her presence. She gave a very in depth journey into the mind of Luciana, who has a major role in the community of Colonia.

After the Dead airs on Sunday at 10 PM ET, immediately following Fear the Walking Dead. You can watch it on on the Walking Dead Channel or the website’s Facebook page.


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