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We found this throwback clip of Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki interviewing each other that totally reminds us they should be together. Not only is their chemistry on fire, but they can’t even stand to look at each other without smiling. Here are the most adorable highlights of the video.

Lots Of Giggles

We start out with Johnny asking Kaley what one phrase she would use to describe the taping of season 4. Kaley decides screaming “Woo!” is most appropriate, and Johnny can’t handle it. The pair giggle, and he interjects that “Woo!” is not in fact a phrase. Kaley eventually comes around to “lots of fun.” The exchange is clearly flirty, and the pair act like friends who have known each other forever.

Johnny Wants Kaley To Answer For Him

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The question is “What’s your process to get ready for each episode.” Johnny wants Kaley to answer for him, and she can barely get through her explanation without laughing. She describes her costar as very serious and using highlights. Johnny protests that he has never used a highlighter before. He even points out that Kaley tends to point and laugh at him when he’s preparing. They are teasing each other, and it seems rather intimate.

Favorite Partner Traits

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Kaley asks Johnny what his favorite part of working with her is. He clearly can’t just come out and say he loves her so he goes with, “You smell pretty great… you do smell nice.” He then admitted Kaley is his rock. He said, “You’re kind of the rock in many ways. When someone’s going off on their line, or when Kunal starts laughing at one of his own jokes…I know to look at you.” 

Awwwww. Johnny relies on Kaley to get through the day. Now that is practically perfect. We wish these two would get back together.

Do you love Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki together?


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