“Pillar of Salt”

Accomplished two important things: established the central conflict for the remainder of the season, and finally started to reunite the scattered family.  The show must have finally realized was a bad decision to do in the first place.

All of the characters separated prevented any central conflict, leaving the second half of S2 quite dull. Hopefully, future episodes will pick up the action.  Especially since Fear the Walking Dead has always been much better at the violence than actual character development. Yet, finally, there were some things that I liked.

I liked how Alicia stood up to her mother when her mother did the second stupidest thing of the night.  Who turns on the hotel lights knowing that will alert every living creature in surrounding twenty miles that someone is there?!  I did like when Travis, traveling alone by leaving behind his mentally unbalanced son, saw the hotel lights.  Unfortunately, this just proved my point that nobody in this show cares about their family. I also liked that the gang members are becoming more of a present danger to Nick and his community.  Again, going back to what I said before of how Fear the Walking Dead was better at action than any character.

I disliked basically every scene with Madison. The scene at the warehouse was aggravating to watch.  And following the hotel scene – simply maddening. The writers have done an insanely poor job giving us a reason to care about Madison and her unfretted stupidity.  At this point in the story, doing nothing to justify her place with the survivors.

With the other mother, the one who stabbed Strand for killing her already “zombified” daughter, I predict that she will compromise everything.  And get multiple people killed in the hotel.

Credit: http://www.mymbuzz.comCredit: http://www.mymbuzz.com

In Nick’s story arc, we see that Alejandro’s community is more tyrannical than we first realized.  We see people aren’t able to leave on their own accord and must escape. Alejandro gets paranoid because of this, but not paranoid enough to realize he must change his strategy.  He refuses to let anybody trade with the gang members; and doesn’t realize that will backfire – 100% guaranteed!

We also see Nick and Luciana’s insanely forced romance continue.  Nothing interesting here.

Finally, we see that Ofelia is alive and off on her own. We are given some backstory on her: meeting the fiance she never married and getting a brief scene of her and her mother. Why did Ofelia leave the rest of the group? At this point in the show I stopped questioning the plot holes.

Again, I must stress how vastly superior The Walking Dead is to this complete snore-fest. For a show with the noun “fear” in it, there is very little frightening scenes.

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