Will Rick Grimes Be Next Go Die?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

With The Walking Dead comics, it seems like Rick Grimes’ back is against the wall more times than not. If you’re not caught up with the comics, the newest threat comes from the Whisperers.

In addition to this new enemy, his wife Andrea (Michonne on television), was recently bitten by a walker. Rick was forced to kill her at her live funeral, as she was started to reanimate as a walker.

All of this has led to a point where it looks like Rick might be the next to go.

Kirkman Said He Will Eventually Kill Off Rick Grimes

Robert Kirkman | Photo Credit Cosmic

Creator Robert Kirkman has always said he would “eventually” kill off the star of the series. In fact, the character in the comic even told Andrea he didn’t feel like he could continue in this world without her.

Andrea still managed to scold him for this nonsense from her deathbed, but the newest issue, which is Issue 170, makes it look like Rick Grimes might be following the path of Lori, Shane, Glenn, Andrea and countless other characters.

The cover shows a lone Michonne, Eugene Siddiq, and Magna.

“On The Road” Without Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Issue 170 is called “On The Road,” and it does somewhat resemble Cormac McCarthy’s story about a father and son in an apocalyptic world (which ironically influences Andrew Lincoln’s portrayal of Rick Grimes).

Comic Book writes:

“The clear message here is that the group has to leave Alexandria for some reason. While covers are often misleading looking at The Walking Dead‘s history, it looks like this group of four is outside of the walls and ready for a fight.”

“The most noteworthy bit of the cover is that Rick Grimes is no where to be seen. That said, neither are Carl or most of the characters who call Alexandria home.”

“Looking back at previous covers to still unreleased issues, Rick’s death is not implausible. Negan is seen running the show on the front of issue #168, which directly precedes the book which plastered with Dwight’s gun pressed to the back of Rick’s head as he kneels before the villain-turned-ally.”

Do you think Robert Kirkman is really ready to kill Rick Grimes?

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