Sadie Robertson is not embarrassed by a lot — she often posts ridiculous videos online.

But in a recent video, she was caught doing something pretty crazy.

Sadie Robertson, drugged and bandaged, caught singing and dancing in a way that would embarrass most people (photo via Instagram) Her tolerance for shame is very high. I mean, she peed in front of the whole world in a YouTube video, and she chose to share the video!

So it’s actually not that surprising that she posted her newest video.

In a recent video posted on Sadie’s Instagram, you can see she has a bandage wrapped around her head and her eyes look dazed. She also gauze stuffed in her mouth, clearly drugged from something.

The video opens with Sadie sitting in a car. Flo Rida’s “Low” is pumping through the car speakers as her mom films her.

Sadie RobertsonSadie Robertson doing her freestyle dance, not worried what people think of her (photo via Country Rebel)

Sadie is dancing in her seat, reenacting the line, “She turned around and gave that big booty a smack” with an air smack with her hand. She even licks her finger and puts it on something in the air, indicating that something’s so hot it sizzles.

And during the line, “The whole club was looking at her,” Sadie points at herself with a smirk. She also utters some things like “He’s looking at me!” and “Stay in your lane!” It’s not totally clear what she was thinking, but then again she was heavily drugged.

The caption to the video explains it all.

“The dentist does something extra to my family I’m convinced of it,” it says. “Happy Monday everyone.”

Yeah, we’ve all been there, Sadie — that post-dentist drugged state of mind, which almost always leads to entertainment for everyone around.


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