Sadie Reveals The Hysterical Way She Met Her Famous Now Best Friend…


Sadie Robertson’s friendship with Laney Redmon has certainly made headlines lately. The pair even created their own Instagram account together. They’re serious friendship goals, and recently Sadie detailed to her fans just how they stay so close.

Sadie Robertson’s Friendship Goals

Who are the hotties to the right? Oh those are just my friends.

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Laney Redmon is a backup dancer from Nashville. She also happens to be the fashion designer behind Sadie Robertson’s tour merchandise. The pair met when Sadie moved to Nashville and have been nearly inseparable ever since.

Many people are quick to point out that powerful relationships don’t always last. When two people are super successful in the entertainment industry, it can be hard to not let egos get in the way of the friendship. Sadie Robertson decided to explain to her fans just how the two girls keep their relationship healthy and happy. 

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Sadie wrote, “some of my favorite questions to get asked out on the road are about me and Laney’s friendship and how it works. Well it works when you are in it to build each other up. You encourage one another.”

Sadie and Laney have a successful Instagram account together. The account has over 33,000 followers. The pair refer to themselves and their fans as “kousins.” They frequently sing, dance, and act silly together in front of the camera. 

Friendship Advice

Sadie continued her friendship advice saying when you’re a true friend, “You pull out of the best in each other. You pray into one another’s gifts.” Sadie and Laney certainly encourage each other, and even teamed up together to turn a profit for good.

Sadie hired Laney to design the merchandise for her Live Original tour. The merchandise garners motivational phrases, and artistic ornamentation. Sadie said, “Every word is intentional and prayed over every single person who carries out these messages.”

Sadie also said when you are a good friend, ” You get RID of jealously. You talk about the hard stuff!!! A friend should be the person who makes you the BEST version of yourself and brings you the greatest amount of joy.”

Sounds like Laney Redmon and Sadie Robertson have hit the jackpot of friendship goals. Who’s your best friend?