AMC Approves Third Season of Fear the Walking Dead


If you didn’t already know, Fear the Walking Dead will be on for a third season. The executives at AMC decided to go for another season despite recent drops in viewers. Speculation as to why the drop in viewers has occurred is only theoretical. Many attribute the drop in numbers to the Olympics. Some fans say it’s simply because, “The Show Sucks.”

I’m a new viewer of the show, so I’m getting caught up to date. The newer episodes definitely hold more traction with me then the older ones. A lot has happened in the recent episodes. Character development is becoming more personalized with each episode seaming to focus on one or two of the cast. Lost Muertos took the direction of the show in an entirely new direction and last night’s episode re-introduced some characters we haven’t seen since prior to the mid-season break.

Los Muertos left the cast in very weak and vulnerable places. Some of them had to change their entire outlook on the world in order to maintain. Strand and Madison were left fighting off walkers at the bar and Alicia found herself isolated and alone on the upper floors of the hotel. Ofelia has vanished, Chris and Travis are facing their own dilemmas with each other while Nick has been introduced to a new community altogether. Nick is safest of the group in La Colonia but still is having some hard times facing his own inner demons.

Third Season of Fear the Walking DeadThe more in depth story and character development gets better reviews from fans and critics. The creators of the show promise this is just the beginning, that future episodes will be more focused on shorter spans of time. They admitted they bit off more than they could chew in season one, so they will rectify the problem by making a season 2 worthy of the viewer’s time.

Third Season of Fear the Walking Dead New Episode

The new episode, Do Not Disturb was able to shed some more light on the situations each of the characters found themselves in. Chris, Alicia and Travis were the main focus of the show along with some minor parts for other cast members. Alicia really stepped into her own as she was able to successfully survive walkers without losing it. Chris and Travis still have a lot to work on as do the rest of the group.

Fear the Walking Dead will have to stay consistently fresh and entertaining to keep viewers locked in. The show cannot afford to lose anymore followers according to critics. A lot of viewers would prefer to see Fear the Walking Dead return to the United States. Taking the show back to the state could be the saving Grace for Madison and the blended group or survivors from the show. What are your thoughts? Should Fear the Walking Dead continue on? Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.


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