Sadie Robertson puts out a weekly YouTube video meant to encourage and enlighten. But she had to delay posting her recent video — she had to “pray over it.”

Sadie Robertson delayed the release of her next YouTube video in order to spend more time thinking and praying “over” it (source: Instagram) She has garnered nearly 120,000 YouTube subscribers, and it’s because of her entertaining and helpful videos that she posts regularly. And she puts a lot of work and thought into each video.

“I will not be posting a new video tonight,” she recently posted on Instagram. “I am working on a video/message right now. I just feel like I need to pray over it a little more before posting.”

What’s up with this video? And why does it need more of Sadie’s prayer?

Unfortunately, she doesn’t say. But she gives us a little more insight into her process…

Sadie Robertsonsource:

Prayer is one of Sadie’s habits.

Sadie prays before releasing each of her videos (photo by @legitsadierob via

“All my videos are prayed over, and I truly hope they mean something to you at just the right time you need it,” she continued. “I will ask that you pray over the video as well.”

She believes prayer — talking with God — is a powerful thing. And, without comparing God to YouTube, she knows how influential the video sharing website can be if put in the right hands. 

“Prayer is so powerful, and I know YouTube is just an amazing opportunity to reach people all over the world in a beautiful way,” she said. “Thank you for your patience, prayers, and being a part of the team. Love you all so deeply.”

While we wait for Sadie’s next YouTube video, you can check out her most recent one called “5 Life Savers”:

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