Robert Kirkman Shuts Down Zombie Cure

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The Walking Dead’s main concern is to break new ground as a zombie story. Not only has it gone further into the survival realm than any other film or series, but it’s done so without revealing a cause or potential cure. Creator Robert Kirkman wants it this way.

“It’s been done in a lot of other stories,” said Robert Kirkman. “And it’s mythology breaking. As far as trying to solve the thing, I’ve always felt it’s unrelatable to figure it out. This show is about people and their struggle to survive so that’s the focus.”

For now, that means focuses on the war between Rick and Negan.

The Story Must Go On…

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

The only problem with Robert Kirkman’s quote above is how it relates to an ending for the overall series. It’s been said that the show could last twenty seasons and the comic may or may not go on even further in terms of a story arc.

The cast has said they believe the show could end with a cure or possibly with the reveal that the incident is only in America. But, if there’s no focus on the cure, why wouldn’t the show end with Rick Grimes?

Robert Kirkman has also said the show can go on without the lead character.

Life On The Walking Dead Without Rick

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

More than likely, the AMC version will continue to follow the comic book for the bulk of the plot. Some characters may switch places in terms of events, but it’s unlike Rick Grimes will lose the war with Negan.

When Rick Grimes wins, there’s supposed to be a time jump and then there’s a war with the Whisperers. Again, Rick Grimes comes out as triumphant, but several people die along the way.

The only reasonable ending to the series will fall back on Carl Grimes. If Rick Grimes eventually dies Carl Grimes could lead the show. This would upset a great deal of fans, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Right now, Carl Grimes isn’t strong enough to lead, but a time jump could correct this issue after Season 8 of TWD.

Do you think Carl Grimes will lead Alexandria one day?

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