Why Phil Roberson Went Berserk Against Mark Zuckerberg


Phil Robertson isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He was not happy after Facebook censored a video of him skinning a catfish. Here’s what Phil had to say directly to Mark Zuckerberg, using the tech mogul’s own social network.

Phil Robertson Addresses Facebook Creator 

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Mark Zuckerberg has been in the news quite a bit lately. Facebook has seen tons of criticism regarding privacy, security, and censorship. However, they’ve once again found themselves under fire- from none other than Phil Robertson himself.

Phil routinely posts videos on his Facebook page. The clips are meant to attract an audience to his CRTV show, In The Woods With Phil, and to spread his conservative and Christian messages. However, twice in the past six months, Facebook has removed Phil’s videos for containing “graphic” or “violent” content. What exactly was Phil doing in the clips? He was plucking the feathers off a duck and skinning a catfish.

He Has Been Censored

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To Phil, dressing an animal after a hunting trip is a part of everyday life. It’s also a part of his fan’s every day lives, and it’s content his audience wants to see. Phil and his son Alan couldn’t believe that Facebook would deem instructional videos for hunters to be too graphic for the internet.

In a response video, posted to Phil’s Facebook wall, Alan Robertson said, “I’m assuming that we’re not being censored right now, and that we’re actually free flowing out to your guys, you’ll have to let us know. Because apparently, Facebook has decided that some of the things they deem too graphic or not worthy, they’ll just block it off of there and censor it.”

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