Why Phil Robertson Fearlessly Takes On Facebook


Phil Robertson is not happy. He began filming his show In The Woods With Phil in hopes of being able to speak his mind freely. However, it seems Facebook wasn’t happy with some of Phil’s content and decided to censor the Duck Commander patriarch. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Phil Robertson’s CRTV Show

Phil Robertson’s show In The Woods With Phil airs on CRTV, the Conservative Review Television streaming network. Fans and viewers can purchase an online subscription and gain access to the conservative company’s content, which only appears online.

Phil Robertson previously shared that he created the show in order to escape the censorship he felt on Duck Dynasty. While filming for A&E Phil was threatened with losing sponsorship if he really spoke his mind. With CRTV he was given the freedom to say anything and everything he’d like.

Promotions for the show included Phil stating, “For far too long we have been told to shut up. No more. Here’s the deal America. These are my woods. Out here, I call the shots. Out here, we reject political correctness, or as I like to say, ‘pontificated crap.’”

Phil’s Beef With Facebook

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However, the plan to keep things one hundred percent authentic and real has been thwarted. Last week Phil and his son Alan Robertson took to Facebook to air the grievances with the social network.

In The Woods With Phil has been using Facebook as a main form of advertisements. They post regular clips from the show on the site, showing as many people as possible what Phil has to say. Facebook has deemed some of Phil’s videos, including one involving a plucked duck, violent. As a result, they’ve pulled the videos, and Phil is livid.

In a new video titled “Facebook Just Censored My CRTV Video… My Response” Phil and Alan tell it exactly like they feel it. 

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