Up-and-coming country musician Lawson Bates recently invited Sadie Robertson to be his girlfriend.

Sadie Robertson and Lawson Bates enjoying each other during the filming of Bates’ music video for “Past the Past” (photo via Instagram) Back in June, we reported Sadie will be in a music video, and now that video is available to watch!

In the music video for Bates’ first radio single “Past the Past,” Sadie plays the 25-year-old’s girlfriend. 

The music video shot at a high school in Tennessee features Sadie and Bates in the story of two high school sweethearts who have been torn apart after the boy chooses football over their relationship.

When you watch the video, you almost believe the two are dating, even though they met only a couple days prior to filming.

Sadie Robertson and Lawson Bates on the set of the music video for “Past The Past,” Bates’ debut radio single (photo via Just Jared)

“I didn’t know who to ask to be the actress in the video,” Bates told Country Rebel. “A mutual friend recommended Sadie and gave me her phone number. I cold-texted her and asked if she would be a part of this video. She said she would be glad to.” 

But they instantly clicked.

“Sadie has such an outgoing personality,” he said. “You feel like you’ve been friends with her your whole life,” Lawson said. “Another reason we clicked was because we connected on such a personal level.”

He went on, explaining how both of them were able to relate to the song’s theme.

“The song was a heartbreak song and we were both getting over something, dealing with things in our personal lives,” he said. “We use what was going on in our own lives to capture the emotion in the song.”

You can check out the full music video below:

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