THIS Intriguing Comment By Phil Robertson Is Either Very Deep Or It Doesn’t Make Any Sense At All…


Phil Robertson has never been one to shy away from saying it like it is. However, his latest rant about the manhood of America is leaving us a little confused. We’re not sure the metaphor makes any sense. You can decide for yourself if you understand what the Duck Dynasty patriarch means…

Phil Robertson Drinks Black Coffee

One thing we learned from In The Woods With Phil‘s video- Phil likes to drink black coffee. It makes sense- Phil is a man of few frills. He likes to keep things simple and old fashioned. We aren’t shocked that he drinks his coffee without a hint of cream or sugar. Phil said, “Black coffee. The only thing you add to it is more grounds.”

However, he lost us for a moment when he segued into talking about what America needs. Phil continued, “What America needs is more boldness. More grit. See the color of that? That’s black.”

Phil doesn’t just enjoy black coffee for the taste- he enjoys what it symbolizes. He explained, “You know why I drink my coffee black? Because I drink it as it is.” Phil also thinks men in America should be more like his coveted coffee. He explained, “What we need is more men in America that tell it like it is.

In The Woods With Phil

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In The Woods With Phil is doing surprisingly well on CRTV- Conservative Review Television. This clip about black coffee was created to promote the online series, where Phil promises to share his opinions EXACTLY as they are. 

The show was Alan Robertson’s idea. After seeing his father speak at a convention to a roaring crowd, the oldest son of Phil and Kay decided his dad needed to talk more. He said, “We had to do a show with Dad where there’s no advertisers or sponsors, cause they just totally shut you down. [They say] ‘Phil’s too controversial.’”  Phil added, “That’s how they are manipulating the system. We’ll sponsor you as long as you say something that agrees with our ideology. You stray one centimeter over that, and you’re out.” 

Have you been watching Phil Robertson’s new show, In the Woods With Phil?