Donald Trump took cover under the protection of Secret Service agents in the middle of a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada on November 5th. Shortly after, he returned to the stage and finished his speech.

As a ruckus started just a few feet in front of the stage, the Secret Service moved quickly to stop a would-be assailant, when someone yelled “he’s got a gun.”

Screen shot Live videoScreen shot Live video

It’s not yet been confirmed whether there was actually a weapon involved. The Guardian is reporting that minutes after Trump left the stage a balding white male wearing a hoodie was taken out in handcuffs by police.

Returning to the stage, Trump said, “Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped. We will never be stopped.”

This was the second time that the Secret Service was forced to remove Trump from the stage. At a March rally in Ohio, Trump was escorted off after a man rushed the stage, saying he wanted to “bully the bully”.

At a June rally in Las Vegas, a British man, Michael Sandford, tried to grab a police officer’s gun in an attempt to use it to shoot Trump. He pled guilty in September and faces up to two years in prison and deportation from the U.S. Sandford’s attorney said the man was delusional at the time.”

After returning to the stage, Trump thanked the Secret Service saying, “those guys are fantastic.”

This is a developing story, check back for updates.