“No One Is Safe” On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans of The Walking Dead have lost a lot of great characters over the years. Most recently, the saddest deaths were likely Abraham and Glenn, especially since Glenn actually goes back to the pilot episode where he spoke with Rick in the tank.

The characters still hanging in there include Rick, Carl, Morgan, Carol, and Daryl Dixon. The show has reminded us over and over that “No one is safe,” but there are always some characters more likely to die than others.

Only time will tell who can beat Season 8, but we’ve got a few predictions.

Rick And Carl Grimes Appear To Be Safe

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carl Grimes is likely going to be safe. With Enid signing on as a cast regularly and Carl already surviving two gun shot wounds, he seems to be the type of person meant to survive. Plus a tiger literally saved him in the last episode.

Then there’s Rick Grimes. While Rick will eventually die on the show, most likely, he seems to be okay for Season 8 of Dead. If the series follows the comic, he should be able to eventually beat Negan, even though he may never kill Negan.

Rick Grimes is still vital for a few more plot points on the show.

Carol And Morgan May Not Live Through Season 8

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Morgan hit the show unexpectedly and he’s stuck around way longer than the comics, so he’s likely less safe than the Grimes Family. Morgan has came unhinged (again) after Benjamin’s death so while he couldn’t kill himself, he does seem to be willing to die.

Then, there’s Carol and the biggest threat for Carol actually comes from within. It’s clear she can handle almost any obstacle but it’s also clear she’s not prepared to deal with the aftermath of her actions. Carol might not make it out of Negan’s War alive.

Daryl Dixon is a mystery, but he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Do you think Daryl Dixon will die before Rick Grimes?

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