Who did Negan kill on The Walking Dead?


If you’re as much of a zombie fanatic as I am, the only thing you have been looking forward to this fall is October 23rd, the day when S7 of The Walking Dead will finally air. If you’ve read the comic books you’ve squealed with delight when on the S6 finale when we were finally introduced to Negan, and have been dying to know who he killed with his trusty Lucille.

Well, I believe I’ve narrowed it down.

Negan The Walking Dead
Negan The Walking Dead

Now, as my comic book fans already know, the person Negan originally kills is Glenn, yet the show takes place in an alternate reality, and has very rarely followed the graphic novel in the past. In the comics we never go to the Center of Disease Control and meet Edwin Jenner, Dale is the one that gets his leg amputated instead of Hershel, and even the Dixon brothers, Daryl and Merle, are nowhere to be seen. Yet, when Negan’s first blow collides, it knocks the head of whoever he hits to the right, where nobody else is seen. Glenn was the furthest right

Negan's lineup
Negan’s lineup

on the line

out of all of them, and a female’s scream is also heard from the left, one that could belong to a certain Maggie Greene?


Daryl could also be the person that meets the unfortunate side of Negan’s baseball bat. Not only was he also on the far right of the line, only separated from Glenn by a single person (Rosita Espinosa), but is also the center of a massive fan base and is a huge, huge, HUGE icon.

(despite the fact that he hasn’t washed himself in over two years).

The Walking Dead has never been afraid of killing off widely loved characters, nobody has ever been safe!

The last person I believe could have been killed by Negan is Abraham Ford. Why him? It’s because of a single moment, barely a full second long. When Negan is going through his “eenie-meenie-miney-mo”, when his bat lands on Abraham we see a look of 100% fury. If you have already read the comics, you know the character of Negan, and amongst being a complete psychopath, also loathes any form of retaliation. He was also never going through his eenie-meenie’s in any particular order, randomly pointing his bat at one character to the next, and could very well have stopped at Abraham.

So who did Negan really kill? Unfortunately, I’m not going to tell you in this articles. Of course, I don’t know for certain. None of us know. The Walking Dead is unpredictable, that’s one of the reasons why it’s so amazing. In all honesty, it could have been any character. Carl or Michonne or Eugene or, hell, even Rick.

In conclusion, my Walking Dead nerds, the only way we are going to find the answer is to wait until October 23rd, so, in the meantime, let’s get down on our knees and pray to the Zombie Gods together.


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