Missy Robertson SHOCKS Fans With Confession: “I Am A True Feminist In Every Sense Of The Word”


Missy Robertson joined the likes of Sarah Palin and Candy Carson to speak a the Mom’s March For America. She shocked fans by declaring to be a feminist. Here’s what the Duck Dynasty wife had to say about female rights and the role of a mother.

Missy Robertson Is A Feminist

Many fans were shocked when Missy Robertson opened her speech at the Mom’s March for America. The Duck Wife said, “There may be one thing, though, that you have not heard me say ever before. I’m here to make an announcement today. That announcement is that I Missy Robertson am a true feminist in every sense of the word.”

Many people wouldn’t necessarily associate Duck Dynasty with feminism. Fans think of the family as being “traditional” and “conservative.” It can be hard for people to understand that the two belief systems can coexist.

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Missy explained, “I’m not ashamed of being a mom. I’m not ashamed of being a helpmate to my husband, who is male. I stand for women’s rights because there just so happens to be a thing called WOMAN.”

Missy went on to explain that she believes the media is creating a false sense of reality. She says individuals are not allowed to form opinions about accused criminals based on facts, but instead are asked to “choose a side, based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or even gender confusion. This becomes to issue rather than the confused person’s actions.” It was unclear exactly which cases Missy was referring to. However, she did clarify, “My husband and I teach our children that perception is not reality. But rather, reality is reality.”

Missy’s Many Points

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Missy’s speech seemed to jump from point to point. She touched on many of her conservative values, including abortion laws, prayer in schools, the media, and pop-culture. She also spoke about teaching her children to respect authority. Missy also disagreed with same-sex marriage and called for other mothers to take a stand for conservative views. 

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