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Mayim Bialik once again took to the internet to write about her personal life, beliefs, and passions. This week’s post was incredibly moving, and a bit heavy. She spoke about the state of the world two years after her father’s death, and how the anniversary of his passing makes her feel.

She also got a bit political, as Mayim tends to do.

Mayim lost her father on April 9, 2015. She now calls herself a “prisoner of grief,” as she recalls his passing two years later. Mayim explained she is feeling a myriad of emotions including, “I want to love everyone I love so hard. I want to grasp the straws that are rushing past me as we shift into hyperspeed. I want to cling so tightly, I want to hold fast to It.”

The State Of The World

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Mayim spoke on the conflicts in Syria, the state of the world in general, and her personal world. She announced a family member is pregnant. Mayim spoke about how each year she prepares for Passover, and each year her world and reality has shifted. This time of year she reflects on what has changed and what will change.


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Overall the piece was written a bit like a poem. Mayim stated some facts, paralleled a few circumstances, but mostly just wrote about her own feelings in nonsensical sentences. She wonders if her father can see the current political climate if he thinks of her and if he knows there will be a new baby in the family. Overall, Mayim seemed reflective and realistic about the future.

She finished the piece by writing:

“I wonder what my father’s dreams are like now.

Does he dream of Passover and new babies and war? Does he dream of comfort and peace and home and a heart to hold me? Does he dream of me like I dream of him?

Grief: I knew you were still there.”

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