Mayim Bialik Admits To “Twinge Of Jealousy” While Watching Jim Parsons Kiss Riki Lindhome


Mayim Bialik recently opened up about her reaction to Sheldon and Amy’s proposal. The Big Bang Theory star used her blog GrokNation to speak to fans about the epic Big Bang moment and even admitted to a bit of jealousy while filming The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Finale.

Sheldon Proposes To Amy After Kissing Ramona

We were all shocked on Thursday while watching Sheldon propose to Amy just hours after smooching with Ramona. The entire proposal had some strange circumstances.

First of all, Amy had just left for New Jersey to do research at Princeton, and she and Sheldon had squabbled a bit about her being gone for the whole summer. Ultimately Sheldon was supportive, and we even saw them rocking at long distance with fun video chats.

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However, things got dicey when Ramona popped back into Sheldon’s life at an opportunistic time. She ultimately began hanging out alone with Sheldon, take advantage of his kindness, and even planting a kiss right on his lips.

Sheldon’s reaction was the run straight to Amy…AND PROPOSE. Mayim Bialik echoed our emotions when she wrote, “Wow. Just wow. I know. Right?!”

After 7 seasons of playing Jim Parson’s girlfriend on TV, it would be strange if Mayim hadn’t created some sort of emotional bond to the actor over the years. The pair always describes themselves as great friends, and they love working together.

That’s why it must have been particularly strange for Mayim to watch Jim kiss another actress on set.

Mayim’s Reaction

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In the seven seasons that Amy and Sheldon have dated Sheldon has never once kissed another woman…until The Big Bang Theory season 10 finale. Mayim admitted, “And as for what it’s like watching Riki Lindhome swoop in on Sheldon. I can’t lie: I felt a twinge of envy! As the actor who plays Amy, I feel like part of me is anchored to Sheldon because he has been my character’s beloved for so many years.” 

The actress went on to say, “I can’t help but feel like something that was ‘mine’ was being imposed upon!” and she told fans she too has no idea if Amy will say yes to Sheldon’s proposal.

What did you think while watching Jim Parsons kiss another actress onstage?