Mayim Bialik recently admitted some of her favorite moments on TBBT involve solely her and Jim Parsons. Why does this Big Bang Theory star prefer to work alone with her on screen love?

Fun With Flags

Mayim Bialik recently revealed that her very favorite Big Bang Theory episodes involve Sheldon Cooper’s web series, Fun With Flags. Sheldon created the series to educate others on vexillology, the study of flags. Amy has gotten involved with the project. Mayim Bialik noted that she loves wearing the hilarious costumes, including a kangaroo suit, and a Bavarian pretzel.

However, that isn’t why she loves this segment of the show most.

Mayim actually just loves working with Jim Parsons, alone. She said recently, “I love all of our cast, but I love the way the writers write when it’s just me and Jim Parsons.” This was actually Mayim’s number one reason for choosing the episode. She enjoys the crazy banter and elaborate discussions Sheldon and Amy have on the show.

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As an actress, Mayim feels most challenged when working alone with Jim Parsons. Perhaps this is because he has the most Emmy’s, or maybe because their dialogue is so extensive. It’s often intricate in terms of timing and execution,” Mayim said of their conversations. “Which is a really fun challenge for an actor.” 

A Similar Process

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Mayim also explained that she and Jim approach acting with a very similar process. She says the Fun With Flags can be frustrating at first because the comedic timing and choreography is so complex. But, as with everything in life, the most difficult things become the most rewarding. “This kind of work with an actor I respect as much as I respect Jim Parsons makes it so worthwhile,” she finished.

We tend to agree with Mayim Bialik. Amy and Sheldon’s scenes together stand out as some of our favorites from the show. Do you love the Fun With Flags segment?

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