Mary Kate Robertson Does ONE Thing Every Single Day…It’s Not What You Think


Mary Kate Robertson just admitted to doing this one thing nearly every single day. While many Duck Dynasty fans might assume she’s talking about prayer, she’s actually referring to walking in the woods. Here’s what the Little Duck Wife had to say about her time in nature.

Mary Kate Robertson In Nature

Mary Kate Robertson recently revealed that she spends time in the woods nearly every single day. She wrote in a blog post, “I love, love, love the outdoors. I go walking in the woods nearly everyday and it just does a number on my soul, mind, and body. I’m sad to see the leaves falling because that means my walks get shorter, but its been one of the most enjoyable things watching them change colors this fall.”

Mary Kate has previously admitted to her struggles with depression and Lyme disease. She and her family were all diagnosed many years ago, and the illness affects both their mental and physical health. She even recalled that she once, “cried every single day. There was always this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I felt overwhelmed by social situations and talking to people… was extremely stressed out over my classes. I got anxiety over driving.”

However, apparently Mary Kate’s nature walks sooth her soul. She advised her fan, “If you are ever feeling down seriously go outside and jump around. It just makes you feel GOOD. I’m not kidding, it works.”

Sharing Her Outfits

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Like many of the Robertson wives, Mary Kate is particularly fashionable. She opts for a casual comfort look, and often shares her outfits on her blog. In this particular post she endorsed Roolee boutique. She wrote, ” This past summer I found out about Roolee Boutique and now I pretty much wear something from them everyday haha. Super cute clothes and super great people who run it. If you get the sweatshirt there is no need to size up at all!” 

It seems Mary Kate Robertson is as happy as ever, and perhaps her nature walks are to thank. Do you like to spend time outdoors to benefit your mental health?