Madison Based on AndreaHaving similarities between the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead is going to happen.

It’s impossible not to. Fans and critics alike will find similarities in the stories, the character development and everything in between. Fear the Walking Dead has had a tough time so far. Viewers are declining in numbers and there is a lot of negative feedback about the show.

But let’s get real, how f#cking tough you think it is to follow in the footsteps of the original series.

Besides having one of the most diehard fan bases in the world, the Walking Dead also has quite a few seasons on its younger sibling. It could take a couple more seasons before people truly start to accept the show and the characters. Let’s hope it has that long of a run in order to develop characters like Madison.

Madison is the female head honcho Fear the Walking Dead’s Cast.

Recently, there has been quite a bit of speculation as to whether or not Madison is loosely based on the character of Andrea on the original series. The creators deny any thing of the sort, fans have also speculated upon some other viable options for the creation of Madison and how she fits into the Walking Dead Story.

Madison Based on AndreaSome say there is a possibility of Madison being the sister of Rick Grimes. Loris at some point spoke of friends and family on the West Coast. Could it be that Madison grew up with Lori in Alabama and that is how she met Rick? Of course this is mostly just internet gossip but could turn out to be substantial if the series ever did a crossover. That is very unlikely to ever happen however, as the two world’s need to evolve independently from one another for the characters to truly come into their own.

And if Rick had a sister, why wouldn’t he ever have mentioned her?

In six seasons, soon to be 7, you would think at least an honorable mention of sister would turn up at some point. It is likely that Madison’s name would have changed considering her past and marriage. According to the show’s creators, there is zero connection between the two and this is purely internet hype. For the time being, we’ll go on assuming all of Rick Grime’s friends and family have been mentioned. Besides, as of right now, Rick has a much bigger problem to focus on then a long lost sister. Namely his current situation involving one a-hole named Negan, a mean looking, barbed wire wrapped bat and a soon to be unveiled, dead crew member. Do you think the similarities between Andrea and Madison are justified? Answer below with your thoughts and opinions then like and share to spread the love.


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