Kaley CuocoCuoco and Cook celebrate their first Christmas together which is extra special for them both by dailymail.co.uk.

It’s the time of year where we all have something to celebrate. Friends, family, love, and happiness are all part of the things we cherish around Christmas time. But Kaley Cuoco has, even more, to celebrate this year. A happy relationship, successful career, adorable dogs, and a new year are some of the things she cherishes. But why is Christmas so special to her this year?

The Birthday Boy

Kaley CUocoKaley enjoys her time with Karl, who just turned 31 this Christmas by etonline.com.

That’s right. Cuoco celebrates someone’s birthday on Christmas this year. And it is none other than Karl Cook’s, her boyfriend as of early 2016. And he is a special one!

Cuoco and Cook met at none other than an equestrian show. It is no secret that this girl’s heart belongs to horses first. But since then, Karl has moved up to a close second place. Having that mutual love for horses makes a big difference for Kaley!

Karl is now 31 years old and seems as happy in the relationship as Kaley. Perhaps she has finally found the one!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Kaley Cuoco finally found a man she can be happy with in Karl Cook by usweekly.com.

On social media, Kaley put out a heartfelt Christmas/Birthday message to her beau:

“Happy happy happy birthday to this beautiful creature. You are a gift in every sense of the word, which might be why you were born on Christmas. I love you Mr!!!”

Cuoco’s words say it all. The two spent Christmas/ Karl’s birthday together with Kaley’s furry friends in their holiday attire. If anyone was worried about Kaley after the last relationship, rest assured she is in good hands. Karl Cook truly is a “gift’ for Kaley.

Did you receive a “special” gift this Christmas?

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